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NY Mets: A few Random Thoughts from a distance

Hello Mets fans, I’ve been very busy these past few weeks. School, work, and softball, that’s enough to keep me from watching some games. That doesn’t mean I have not been getting the updates on my phone or checking Facebook from time to time. I’ve read about Max Scherzer’s unfortunate injury, and that he will … More

Mets vs Mariners live blogging lets go!!!

Jeff McNeil down on strikes, it’s 7-5 Mariners we are headed to the top of the 7th… I’m so sorry I’ve been away, full time school and softball season for me and, life, it’s hectic. So we are in the top of the 7th inning and Joely Rodriguez here’s Crawford, at bat, 0-2 count, now, … More

NY Mets at Phillies, live blogging!

0-2 count on Kyle Schwarber>>> just turned game on! And he pops it up and Bassitt grabs it 2 away!!! Bohm is up… Bohm takes strike 1… now a pitch off the plate 1-1, Bohm grounds to 3rd inning over! For those of you asking, yes, my sleep schedule is a mess and I’m extremely … More

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