Mets vs Mariners live blogging lets go!!!

Jeff McNeil down on strikes, it’s 7-5 Mariners we are headed to the top of the 7th…

I’m so sorry I’ve been away, full time school and softball season for me and, life, it’s hectic.

So we are in the top of the 7th inning and Joely Rodriguez here’s Crawford, at bat, 0-2 count, now, strike 3!! 3 pitches and now Jesse Winker is up…

Winker shoots one foul 0-1, slashes one into left for a ground rule double. Oh boy. Now up is Julio Rodriguez takes a strike 0-1, now hits one through the hole it’s 8-5 Mariners now. Good hitting I must admit. Suarez is up now, he fouls off a change up 0-1 count, takes one away inside 1-1, now drives one to Marte Marte has it for our number 2, now here’s Abraham Toro. Toro takes ball 1. Pitch 2 is low 2-0, now Let’s see what Toro does he lays off 3-0 now to Toro, this is getting ugly, 3-1 whew a strike, and the next pitch is grounded to short and inning over, but not before one more run scores.

Mets due up now. Let’s go Mets!

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