NY Mets: A few Random Thoughts from a distance

Hello Mets fans, I’ve been very busy these past few weeks. School, work, and softball, that’s enough to keep me from watching some games.

That doesn’t mean I have not been getting the updates on my phone or checking Facebook from time to time. I’ve read about Max Scherzer’s unfortunate injury, and that he will be out a few weeks.

What I’d like to bring up is how resilient the team is despite some obvious blows to the core of the pitching staff. You could credit much of this to skipper Buck Showalter, perhaps.

Having a solid and experienced manager will turn any team around for the better. One might argue that the Mets are “cursed” that no amount of money nor billionaire owner Steve Cohen can save the team; but I can attest that Showalter is all the Mets need and has what it takes to make the season better. These are not the Mets of previous seasons. I’m not saying they are World Series bound. I’m saying if they reach playoff contention, that’s a step in the right direction and it’s to be expected.

Some takeaways from position players:

Now, obviously, some players will struggle, nonetheless, it’s a given you’ll have sleepers, slackers, and breakout players. One player that constantly is a tough out as of late seems to be Pete Alonso. Now, y’all could guess that Fransisco Lindor is my favorite Mets player and you’d be correct. One thing, he’s been quite a let down, unlike Alonso, who has shown us time and time again how valuable he is by providing quality at bats and making great defensive plays at first base.

As for my boy Frankie, I love the sharp defensive plays, but the offense is ice cold sometimes and it’s a rally killer, mood killer. I will always say and I stand by one thing; when Javier Baez was here, look how he played. See?

Some things are out of my control though. It hurts a lot, but, hopefully the money the Mets chose to give to Scherzer instead will prove to be the right decision.

Anyways, I won’t be watching any games until hopefully Friday, my only day off plus the weekends. Have a wonderful day, and Let’s go Mets!

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